How to Find Academic Medicine Jobs

It seems that academic medicine jobs hunting is a daunting process for everyone and for physicians who are looking for work, things are difficult. Learning where to look for academic medicine jobs, how to locate resources, and what steps to take appears to be a complex process, yet for those who have graduated as physicians, finding academic medicine jobs is a straightforward and simple process. Below are the steps for finding one such job.

1. First of all, people will need to have a CV prepared. This is something that’s similar to a resume, but the format is longer and it contains more detail than a regular resume. Even though in general people will start looking for a job by submitting a resume, a physician will submit his to search firms, recruiters and universities for finding academic medicine jobs. As a part of the CV, professionals should include the research projects they’ve been a part of, awards received, conference presentations, research papers presented or published, non-academic work history, academic work history, chronological educational history, contact info, date of birth and name.

2. Next they should visit career search resources created by professional publications and organizations. The majority of physician professional specialty organizations and their journals offer employment ads and academic job board services online and or in print. For example, if a cardiologist is looking for academic medicine jobs in the cardiology division of a medical school, they might be using tools which are developed by the ACC or AHA or maybe by one of their professional journals. It seems that academic medicine jobs are also featured by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine on their websites. This means that physicians looking for Academic Medicine jobs can just submit their CVs on these websites or on the listings they find on them.

3. Landing academic medicine jobs can also be done by searching specific websites which cater to academic physicians. The AAMC which is the association representing life in academic medicine offers physicians a centralized resource for career planning and at the same time offers vital links for landing academic medicine jobs. There are many other websites like Academic Physician and Scientist that allow physicians to instantly access lists and apply for jobs.

4. Its recommended physicians will target institutions that interest them. For instance medical schools always have their open faculty positions posted on their websites in the human resources or in the administration section. Thus, if someone would like to join Faculty of the Yale University School of Medicine, they should look for Academic Medicine jobs on Yale’s website.

5. Lastly, physicians looking for academic medicine jobs can consider hiring an academic search firm. All they have to do instead of sending their CV too many job listings is to speak with a recruiter about the type of job they’re looking for. They will have to send in the CV, yet the recruiter is the one who will handle the search of academic medicine jobs. Because this is a specialized service a fee is involved.